The project

Officina Keller Napoli is a workshop of ideas based on the production of works of art, objects of design and merchandising, made by master craftsmen flanked by young apprentices.


OKN sets itself the goals of reconversion and urban regeneration, concretized through the revaluation of the tradition of craftsmanship and the creation of a new highly skilled workforce, to support artistic creativity.


Its mission is to offer the creatives an instrument of unusual and ethical artistic production: preserving the tradition of artisans workshops less and less numerous becomes the place where the demand of artists, architects, designers and creatives meets the expertise of the many artisans in Campania able to respond to the needs of production and execution of various types of artefacts. At the same time it provides for the training of new professionals, Italians and foreigners from weak and so-called “risky” social groups, selected by the DEDALUS social cooperative, adopted by each craftsman for each contract.


OKN is thus a candidate to be a meeting place for artists, artisans and young apprentices. A place of creative excellence in which to experiment with new ways of reviving ancient artisanal crafts through the vision of artists and designers: the perfect fulfillment of the artist’s creative process and the sublimation of the ethical work.

The team

OFK is a space available to Italian and foreign creatives who pass through the city of Naples and draw inspiration from it. For this reason, our team consists of varied professionalism but linked to the world of architecture, art, cinema, the web and communication, as well as specialized technicians who can follow the productions of the artisans. We guarantee the possibility of following the production process of the work / object starting from the sending of the proposal, with constant support during all the phases: from prototyping to the end of the project.

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